How does electronic invoicing work?

We promise that with Isolta, anyone can send electronic invoices. You don’t need any separate agreements with electronic invoicing operators, for in the Isolta service, all users will be able to do electronic invoicing.

No credit card. No commitments.

The journey of an electronic invoice from you to your customer

When you send an invoice through the electronic invoicing service, we receive it at Isolta and automatically check that everything is in order. We will then forward it to your customer using the method of your choice. An invoice forwarded as an electronic invoice will be sent by our partner Basware to your customer’s electronic invoicing operator, who will deliver the invoice to your customer. Usually, an invoice received electronically will be sent directly to the recipient’s purchasing software.

An invoice sent through the printing service will be printed, put in an envelope and mailed to your customer. With an e-mail invoice, your customer will receive a link to a page where they can see the invoice. We will monitor the delivery of the e-mail and the opening of the link for you.

The benefits of electronic invoicing

  • Cheaper than paper invoices: from 0,39 € / invoice (+ VAT)
  • Save money and time spent for invoicing
  • You’ll save money in invoicing costs
  • You’ll be able to serve your customers better

Choose the most suitable way to send an invoice

There are several ways of sending an electronic invoice:

  1. As a genuine electronic invoice, where the invoice is sent electronically into the customer’s sales invoice system
  2. By e-mail, where the invoice is sent to the customer’s e-mail
  3. Through a printing service, where the invoice is sent electronically by you, but delivered to the customer as a hard copy

Isolta users get access to electronic invoicing without complicated agreements with third parties.

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